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Players at UKGE 18
Graeme Fraser-Bell of Accentuate Games, and Simon and Nigel Roper of Merlin Games

Graeme Fraser-Bell his wife, Daphne and sister Fiona, won investment on Dragons' Den from Peter Jones in July 2015. They were a huge inspiration for our setting up Merlin Games to make and market Thieves. And kindly agreed to meet us to answer a range of questions about the issues of setting up a games company and running it successfully.

Despite the differences in our games, there was a lot of common ground. Like Merlin Games, Accentuate Games are a family business and entered the board game market as outsiders with a single game.

Over a couple of illuminating and entertaining hours, Graeme and his wife Daphne shared their experiences of the past three years. Advising us on the setting up of our distribution, the value of offering demonstrations to retailers, PR and online marketing strategies.

At the end, we swapped copies of our games, but sadly had no time left to play either.