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Exciting, beautiful, with simple rules and deep infinitely variable gameplay.


Merlin Games is a UK based family owned company set up by brothers Nigel and Simon Roper and the latter's partner Rachel Lei. Nigel designs games, components and packaging. Simon and Rachel manage suppliers, finance and logistics. All three collaborate on marketing and sales decisions.


As it says around the Merlin Games Logo, we aim to produce board games that are 'exciting, beautiful, with simple rules and deep infinitely variable gameplay'.

We want players of widely differing ages and levels of experience to be able to enjoy playing together, so we will design games with rules that are simple enough for players to understand within a few minutes, and that engaging complexity emerges in the strategising required during play.

So that players experience different challenges and dilemmas each time they return to play, we consider chance to be an essential element in our games' mechanics.

We love reversals of fortune in games (and stories), so another design principle is that, until the final winning move, anything a player builds can be taken away by either chance or the superior strategising of their opponent(s): there will be no point at which winning or losing becomes inevitable and play loses the excitement of jeopardy.

While the mechanic is the core of a game, what attracts attention and gives an indication of the kind of entertainment offered is the appearance of a game's components and packaging. Consequently, our designs will reflect each games' story inspirations and themes, and, to imply the quality of the gaming experience, we will manufacture with components that are of premium quality.

Finally, our mission is to draw inspiration from ancient abstract games, myth and history to create new classics that are innovative and in play and appearance, and offer unique pleasures.